October is bringing a bunch of new and most awaited games. We shall be keeping you updated with all the latest releases for the month. For today, we have:

Star Wars Squadrons

Release date: 2nd October

Releasing on: PS4, XB1, PC, VR

EA is bringing to you Battlefront 2’s ship dogfighting into its own game. Players shall be dodging missiles and lasers in a first-person ship campaign and online in 5v5 multiplayer matches. With last year’s improved Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order and the Star Wars Battlefront II, EA hopes to finally prove that it truly knows what it is doing with the license with this year’s Star Wars Squadrons.

Image credit: Esquire ME

Players shall be intrigued to see this dogfighting game in action. It’s a 5v5 vehicular shooter amidst the stars, with both a single-player campaign and micro transaction-free online multiplayer.As the game has a smaller scope, the price may also be smaller than full price.