Pets in the movies are loved by the fans because of their cute and appealing performance. Anyone having a pet at their home would feel so connected to the animals shown in the movies. The dearest pets that star in the movies simply make their way directly to our hearts, in most adorable and charming ways. At the end of the day, there’s simply no denying the cultural phenomenon of so many people’s love for these famous movie pets. NYU sociology professor Colin Jerolmack say that people love their pets exactly the same way as they love their own children and spend on them as well. She says we train the pets and they are no longer wild and harmful to be kept at homes. Pets are either used as heroic characters or supportive means to their owners. Creating adorable and loving encounters on the screens with their owners make the viewers fall in love with them.

Below are some of the movies which pets performed in supporting characters and made their ways to audiences’ hearts.

Nuts the Dog,The Back-up Plan (2010): One of the three dogs starred in the movies, Nubbins was loved by all such that he even managed to steal all the highlight from the lead star Jennifer Lopez at the movie premiere.


Crystal the Monkey, The Hangover Part II (2011): Capuchin the monkey has starred in several movies and she was equally loved for her performance in this movie as well where she was also shown to be smoking. The cigarette wasn’t lit though.

Cat, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (2011): The cat was found to be very clever and she beautifully managed to steal the hearts to viewers.

Joey the HorseWar Horse (2011): With a diamond star on his forehead and four white socks, the horse made to it the viewers hearts when he bravely manages to survive in a barren land during WWI.

Also,Fourteen uncredited horses were also used as Joe in the movie. On the horses’ performances, Steven Spielberg had this to say: “Joey had a sense of what was happening in the scene. Joey added things, as the cameras were rolling, that none of us ever asked for, that brought a performance to [the audience] that we didn’t expect when we made the movie.

Ricsi the Horse, The Turin Horse, (2011): Ricsi performs in a natural way showing an abused and thus immovable force who had to face wrath of his owner due to her non-cooperation. From beginning till the end, Ricsi’s stubborn attitude was an amusing sight to the viewers.

Uggie, Dash, and Dude the Dog, The Artist (2011): Uggie’s performance in The Artist was quite mature and genius.

The dog Uggie, featured in the film “The Artist”, is pictured after leaving his paw prints in cement in the forecourt of the Grauman’s Chinese theatre in Hollywood, California June 25, 2012. REUTERS/Mario Anzuoni (UNITED STATES

Ulysses the Cat, Inside Llewyn Davis (2013): This ginger cat was a metaphor for Llewyn’s elusive music career and success. The cat always managed to escape and tried to stay away and only gave a little moments of affection to his owner.

Boris and Krinkles as Bleeker a.k.a. “Cheeto” the Cat, Gone Girl, (2014): This handsome cat was loved by everyone because of his obedience and letting Fincher to have as many takes as they wanted. Having big flashy eyes made him everyone’s favourite.

Charlie as Black Philip the Goat, The Witch, (2015): The audience was taken aback by Charlie’s unforgettably brilliant performance as an uppity billy goat who’s more (satanic) than he seems.

Ruby and Pearl as Meowthra the Cat, The Lego Ninjago Movie, (2017): an adorable monster and threat to Legos.

Uncredited rabbit, The Favorite, (2018): This lil’ bunny was not harmed in the making of this top tier character moment, but it put on one hell of a show; erasing any unsureness of Abigail’s cruelty.


Andy as Daisy the dog, John Wick, (2014): Daisy represented a ray of hope for John Wick. She was the reason John maintained his normalcy and started to live back again after he lost his wife.


Johnny, Lady, and the Tramp as unnamed seagulls , The Lighthouse, (2019): Eggers fully use these mischievous seagulls who continuously pecked at Robert Pattinson driving him crazy. The birds behind these performances, Johnny, Lady, and the Tramp, are real thespians: fragile, sensitive souls with admirable boundaries and focus